How much does Laser Tattoo Removal cost?

Treatment prices are dependent on a number of factors, including the size of the tattoo, the colour of the ink pigment and the number of treatments required. MJ Driver provides the safest and most affordable treatments possible starting from *$80 per session. All FREE consults and appointments are obligation-free.

How many treatments does Laser Tattoo Removal require?

We believe in honest, realistic communication with patients. This means we are straight to the point with how many Laser Tattoo Removal sessions you’ll need. We believe in quality results and not stringing you along for a ride like many other clinics.
The number of treatments needed will be determined by the size, ink colour and depth of the tattoo. On average for full removal it is 5-7 treatments. Sessions are very quick, small tattoos are less than 5 minutes to complete. Larger tattoos can extend to 15 or 20 minutes.

Will my skin go back to normal?

In most cases yes, if the tattoo is heavily pigmented with layers and layers of ink from multiple cover-ups, it can be harder however each client’s removal process is different and requires a consultation and Laser Tattoo Removal plan.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal treatment painful?

The treatment can cause some slight discomfort depending on your pain threshold. We utilise a localised chilled air cooling treatment with a continuous flow of chilled air before, during and after the treatment to further minimise any discomfort. Most clients find this more than adequate and do not need any additional numbing cream however numbing creams can be sourced from chemists and/or prescribed by your GP. These help to bring the level of pain down to that experienced in the original application of the tattoo. Talk to your local chemist to find out what creams they stock and recommend. We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks between each treatment. Any sooner and you risk damage to the skin.

Can you remove all colours?

Black ink is the easiest to lighten, which is good considering it’s the hardest to cover up. Lighter colours like green, yellow, purple, pink, are more stubborn and usually require more treatments however we can lighten all colours.

How should I care for the area after my treatment?

Aftercare is very much your responsibility as we will outline our thorough and strict aftercare instructions to you verbally and in writing prior to your laser treatment. These steps are very important to follow to make sure your laser treatment is successful. Please contact us for more information about our aftercare instructions if you haven’t already received our aftercare package.

What will my skin look like after treatment??

Besides the immediate discomfort, you may experience swelling, scabbing, blistering and bruising. This is outlines in our aftercare instructions verbally and in writing prior to and after your laser treatment.

Can I go in the sun/swimming after my treatment?

Avoid direct sun exposure (and artificial tanning beds) or prolonged time submerged in water. Wear protective clothing or apply SPF50+ sun block to the treatment area at all times when in the sun. AVOID sunburn at all costs and be sure to follow our aftercare instruction for the best possible results from your laser treatment.


Fade Creams These don’t work, simple. Tattoo ink lies beneath the skin and these creams are applied to the surface of the skin.

Acid Peels Dangerous and can cause scarring if not worce! Stay clear, it’s ACID!

Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (*Tatt2away, *Tattextract etc) We have had experience with this as we tried it many years ago and nothing happened except thick scarring and red marks. We receive brochures for this treatment all the time, *Rejuvi and *Tat2 Away are the most common brands. Clients come to us stressed and confused at the horrific scarring from this treatment asking for our help to remove the remaining ink that sits around the scars. It is much harder to laser once this treatment has been done as it damages the skin causing in some cases, irreversible scarring.

Dermabrasion & Salabrasion We don’t live in the 1800’s! There is no need for this barbaric form of tattoo removal anymore. It is MUCH more painful than laser and no longer applicable to the industry.

Skin Graft We actually looked into this with a plastic surgeon, expensive and your skin will never look the same. Our Dr was very kind and honest with us and said not to do this as it is way too drastic of a process and laser is a much safer and affordable option.

Argon & CO2 Lasers Lasers that are now outdated, not as powerful or effective for removal and no longer used in the tattoo removal industry.