Ever had the urge to cover your face in tattoos?

If you asked Gold Coaster Aaron Bremmer, he’d probably tell you not to do it.

Aaron Bremmer Face Tatoos

From getting knocked back in job interviews, to not being introduced to a new girlfriend’s parents, Aaron’s seen all of the downsides to having a face full of ink.



When Aaron stepped into our Melbourne laser tattoo removal shop, he was completely unaware of how much his life would change over the next three and a half years.


Mike Driver of MJ Driver Laser Co. is the man behind the machine that turned Aaron’s face back into a blank canvas.


Mike says that patients like Aaron are what make his work so rewarding. “To see something that was either really bad or affecting someone in a really negative way turned into something they can be proud of is really satisfying for everyone involved.”


Eight sessions later, spanning over three years, this is what a much happier Aaron looks like today.

Before and after laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal works by light being injected into the skin’s surface at a particular wavelength, which is then absorbed by the ink. The light will break down the ink into tiny particles which are removed by the body’s immune system over time. Laser can be used to completely remove a tattoo, or partially remove it in order to cover the skin up again with a new tattoo.

Aaron’s eight sessions gradually achieved a full tattoo removal, leaving him with the kind of results that make him the poster child for MJ Driver.

Mike says Aaron’s transformation has gained a lot of media attention all over the world. “People often say to me that they’ve seen Aaron’s face so often that they feel like they know him, which is pretty hilarious and amazing.”

Aaron Bremmer Face Laser Removal


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