Hate your new ink? Ouch, sorry ‘bout that.


Unfortunately, a question we get asked a lot is how soon can you get rid of a fresh tattoo using laser tattoo removal.


Here’s the down-low.


Before a tattoo can be removed using laser, it needs to be fully healed.


Which usually leads most of our patients to their next question - how long does my tattoo take to heal?


After you get a new tattoo, your body will start to repair from the trauma, and your lymphatic system will start to flush away any excess ink as a new crusty, scab layer of skin is formed. Once all of this has happened, the ink will have settled into your skin at the level it will stay at for a lifetime, and it’s at this point that we can begin the removal process. (We recently wrote a whole post on how laser tattoo removal works, if you’re still feeling curious).


It all depends on the tattoo, and the person in question and we always assess this on a case by case basis. Generally we say that a minimum of six weeks is required, but ultimately eight weeks is ideal.


Your safety is our main priority.


We don’t want to harm your skin or increase your risk of scarring by doing laser tattoo removal on top of a fresh piece of ink. The team at MJ Driver pride themselves on providing the highest standard of laser tattoo removal and want to achieve great results for you. Whether you’re looking for a full removal or a partial lightening to do a cover-up, we’ve got you.


If you want to find out more about how you can get rid of a new or old tattoo, visit MJ Driver in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne or Perth for a free laser tattoo removal consultation.