If we collected a dollar from every person who walked through the door of our Melbourne laser tattoo clinic and asked us what the best machine is for laser tattoo removal, we’d be the richest guys in Collingwood!



The answer is a no brainer for us, and our results speak for themselves.


All of our laser technicians across Australia use the most advanced laser tattoo removal equipment in the world, which is the Q-Switch Cynosure MedLite C6.


So, what makes the Q-Switch Cynosure MedLite C6 the best choice?


MedLite C6 offers unmatched, medical-grade precision beam technology, delivering energy evenly over the skin’s surface, minimizing epidermal injury. By providing a true flat-top beam profile, the MedLite produces consistent results with fewer complications than other laser machines, and our patients can tell the difference. More effective treatments means less sessions overall, which is obviously a massive win.  


Furthermore, using the MedLite C6 provides us with the best chance of effectively and quickly removing some of the more difficult colours to treat, such as blues, greens and yellows.


How is a Q-Switch machine superior to Picosure?


It’s all about wavelengths.


To hit black ink in skin, you need to use a wavelength of 1064 nm. To hit yellows, you need to go 585 nm, and 650 nm for reds. The Medlite C6 machine can switch between all of these wavelengths, to make sure it hits each colour.


The Picosure machines have one single wavelength capability of 755 nm. This means it doesn’t go in far enough to hit blacks properly, and goes too far to hit some other colours that require a shorter wavelength.


At the end of the day, Picosure machines are less effective, meaning you’ll need more treatments to achieve lightening or full removal, costing you more money in the long run.


For more information on our laser tattoo removal treatments or to book in a consultation, hit the contact page, or drop in and see a friendly technician at one of our clinics in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Fremantle.