We know. It’s kinda equal parts amazing, and equal parts gross.   



You’ve probably seen plenty of videos online where a tattoo disappears completely during a laser session, replaced by a white “frosting” instead, only for it to come back again within an hour.


We wish it was that easy to make a tattoo disappear! The whole process might seem strange, and the frosting sure isn’t pretty to look at, but it’s actually a good sign.


Here’s what’s happening.


When the laser beam hits the ink beneath the skin’s surface, the ink pigments are heated up really quickly.


This heating process causes a plasma to form, which is released through the skin in the form of a gas. The release of gas causes the ink to turn white, which gives the illusion of the tattoo disappearing really quickly and being replaced by a “frosting”.


(Can we just stop right here for a second and give ourselves a high five? That’s some serious Dr Karl business right up there).


Frosting is super common, and totally safe.


It’s a sign that tells your laser technician that the ink has been hit successfully and that your body is reacting in the correct way to the laser treatment. Frosting will generally only last around 15-30 minutes after your laser session, and the more sessions you have, the less you will see it (because there’s less ink under your skin - hooray)!


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